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Bio-Process and Bio-Pharma Leaks Are Costly but a Free and Easy Call Can Save Money and Time

Growing everything from S. cerevisiae to lysine is easier if you can keep the E. coli out of the mix. No matter what you are growing, a sterile envionment can mean the difference between success and losing a huge batch of costly product. Don't waste time not knowing what to repair. Don't waste time on one repair and not know if anything else leaks. United Leak Detection can help you keep any process tight and sterile. A phone call is an easy way to find out how we can help you! 

Helium and Trace Gas Can Easily Help Find Leaks and Tighten Your Process

Helium is a noble gas, and as such is completely inert under normal circumstances. It will not react with air. It is not flammable and is non-toxic. We can detect helium levels as low as several parts per million with our equipment and are confident that with our trained technicians, we will be able to find your leaks quickly and accurately. The small size of a helium gas molecule allows it to quickly find its way through soil, concrete and even asphalt. Due to its completely stable form, helium is the best choice for any industrial process from bio-chemical to petro-chemical to food processes trace gas detection with United Leak Detection is the answer. Helium detection is also fast as well as accurate and those two together equal money saved. Contact United Leak Detection today to get more information about helium leak detection in your processes.

United Leak Detection has other alternatives that can provide cost effective solutions to helium detection, also. The technology works, and might be the perfect solution to your process contamination. Call today to talk to a real person about solutions that will allow you to stop looking and guessing and start knowing how to get your system up and running right.


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