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United Leak Detection for HDPE C900 and PVC Service and Fire Suppression

United Leak Detection is your single source for  inspection solutions. We locate water leaks in swimming pools, concrete slabs, interior and exterior piping, any underground or hidden leaks including municipal water mains and mobile home parks. When our industry leading technology gets combined with over 20 years of leak detecting expertise, your leak will be pinpointed so that you can fix it right away. Among the tools we use to find leaks are

Helium Detection:

Before you add any liquid to your pipes, you can complete a helium leak test! The gas is inert and will not react with the contents of the pipe. The pipes are pressurized with helium and it escapes through the leak.  Using a specially calibrated detection unit, our experts are able to track where the helium escapes from the concrete, the wall or the soil. Our detectors are so sensitive they can detect helium concentrations as low as 10 parts per million! This is perfect for teh petroleum industry where adding water to a pipe can cause a huge headache and cost extra time and money.

Ultrasound Technology:

This technology can be used one of two ways.  First, in a pressurized water pipe, a leak will very often make a noise specific to the type of leak.  We use ultrasound technology to pinpoint the exact location of the sound and find the leak.  Also, we can provide the pressure to the system by pressurizing the lines with air.  The air will then escape through the leak, and the ultrasound technology can be used to pinpoint the sound of the escaping air. In the hands of our well-skilled operators, this is one of the most useful types of leak detection.

Line Location:

this machine tracks electrical signals that allow us to locate the pipes underground so that we can continue to look in the right places for leaks. Our skilled operators can follow the signals and map the line locations of line after line.

Minimally-invasive leak detection provided for:

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