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Finding Water Leaks In Your Mobile Home Community Can Get You On The Path To Saving A Lot Of Money!

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Mobile home communities often operate at a less than optimal efficiency. You could easily be saving a lot more money! Metering each lot is often the first recommendation for a mobile home community. If you do not have meters on each lot in your comunity, and one of your homes has a water leak, you are the person paying for every gallon of that water that is being lost. No matter where along the line the leak is occurring you are writing a check. If you do have individually metered lots, many mobile home communities are still responsible for the water mains that run throughout the community! If there is a leak on the water main the community is often responsible for its repair!! A burst on a single 3/4" line to unoccupied pad can cost $500 to $1,000 every month! At three to four feet deep, there is no guarantee that even with substantial water loss, there will be evidence of the loss at the ground level. You may not find it just walking around! A leak detection audit can help you determine how much money you are losing and form a plan to get you saving money fast. Often the plan is a leak detection survey that includes testing the lines in the community to find water leaks, so that you can plan for their repair.

Take the total number of occupied pads in your community, multiply that number by 20. If you are paying more than that in water charges each month, you likely have several leaks. The average water bill for a mobile home is less than $20 per month if sewer is not included. The difference is money that you could be putting in your pocket each and every month. Contact United Leak Detection today at (888)422-5325 to get on the path to making your mobile home community the best around!

If you notice your water bill jump from one month to the next without explanation, you likely have a hidden water leak, and United Leak Detection will find it! Call us today for a free consultation!

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