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Helium Leak Detection for Industrial, Bio-Process, Fermentation and Petro Applications Can Work For You

Run until it fails is not a responsible process maintenance plan. While common, it is not the best strategy for keeping bioprocesses up and running and saving money. A lost batch of product can be costly and put production behind schedule. Comprehensive microbial control strategies effectively help to reduce bio-processing contamination events. Annual process reviews are recommended to allow for policy changes based on preventative maintenance and changes all aspects of the bioprocess. When reviewing the sterile bioprocess equipment, focus must be placed on many aspects of the system. United Leak Detection can help. Helium Leak Detection can be the answer.

We have a small leak in a large process vessel that we have not been able to find. Can trace gas detection help?

Yes. Even the smallest leaks can be found quickly and easily. Trace gasses will not harm the system, and can be detected in any vessel. Sight glasses, elastomers, welded joints and threaded fittings are easily tested for even faster repair.

Why use Helium Gas for Leak Detection?

Helium is a noble gas, and as such is completely inert under normal circumstances. It will not react with air. It is not flammable and is non-toxic. We can detect helium levels as low as several parts per BILLION with our equipment and are confident that with our trained technicians, we will be able to find your leaks quickly and accurately. The small size of a helium gas molecule allows it to quickly find its way through soil, concrete and even asphalt. Due to its stable form, helium is the best choice for any industrial process from bio-chemical to petro-chemical to food processes trace gas detection with United Leak Detection is the answer.

Will Helium work on my bioprocess? It is Fermentation? PCR? Upstream? Downstream?

Trace gas leak detection can be tailored to work with most any bio-process. Whether you are growing bacteria, emzymes, algae or ethanol, we can help. Once a foreign body gets into the process, the whole batch may need to be disposed of. We can help you save your production and save downtime. Call today to talk to a real perosn about how we might be able to help get your process back online.

Different leaks require different technology. We can keep out viruses, and bacteria with testing that finds leaks down to 25 parts per million of trace gas. For spec leak and down stream testing, for processes and biotechnology applications, we can test down to 1 part of helium per 10 BILLION (1 x 10^-10) and even smaller in certain circumstances!


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