Hot Water Line Repair With United Leak Detection in Indiana

Hot water leaks can damage the bottom line of your business or home. By not only costing water, but the energy to heat the water, you are getting 2 hits to your bottom line.  United Leak Detection uses the most advanced equipment available to find any water leak in your house, but slab leaks can be a major headache! Utilizing ultrasound, infrared thermography, and trace gas detection including helium, United Leak Detection will find your leak, and get you on the path to saving money.

 Whether your leak is in a steel mill, an ethanol plant, a commercial warehouse, or your living room, United Leak Detection will get you on the path to being leak-free.  Trust the United Leak Specialist to show up on time, find your concrete slab leak quickly, and carefully. We can work with any contractor you have doing work in your home.

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