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Acoustic, Correlation and Helium Leak Detection for Pipelines for Commercial and Industrial Applications

United Leak Detection is your single source for  leak inspection solutions. We can provide help with leak surveys so that you can determine what leaks you may have and how you can methodically find and repair them to reduce your water usage.

Why use Helium Gas for Leak Detection?

Helium is a noble gas, and as such is completely inert under normal circumstances. It will not react with air. It is not flammable and is non-toxic. We can detect helium levels as low as several parts per million with our equipment and are confident that with our trained technicians, we will be able to find your leaks quickly and accurately. The small size of a helium gas molecule allows it to quickly find its way through soil, concrete and even asphalt. Due to its stable form, helium is the best choice for any industrial process from bio-chemical to petro-chemical to food processes trace gas detection with United Leak Detection is the answer. The gas added often does not need to be voided prior to the beginning of the process due to the completely inert nature of the gas. If you need pipeline leak detection and the contents of the pipe are not water, Trace gas detection with helium is an excellent choice. Pipelines carrying petroleum products, natural gas as well as biofuels may not be conducive for adding substantial amounts of water to the pipe to test so helium detection may be the only choice. Helium detection is also fast as well as accurate and those two together equal money saved. Contact United Leak Detection today to get more information about helium leak detection in your pipeline.

Acoustic Ultrasound Can Help Find Water Leaks

Ultrasound allows a digital scanning of the sound that leaks make underground, including uder concrete, pavement and soil. It can work great in many situations to find leaks that are not visiible in the pipeline. It does have limits, such as the surrounding noise, and the depth of the pipe.

Digital Correlators Can Help, Too!

Digital correlation is the process of running along the pipe and using advanced computer technology to locate the leak. It works great in many situations. The pipe material, and knowledge of the pipe length can be limiting in some circumstances.


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