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"After I called a service repair man out to the house, he performed what he called 'leak detection' but still couldn't find where the water was coming from.  He then called United Leak Detection and they were out that day!  John found my leak in about 30 minutes!  It was right where he said it would be.  The repair man was able to make a small hole and fix the problem right away.  Thanks."
     Diane Jacobs, Greenwood, Indiana
"When we had a slab leak in our home, United Leak Detection not only came out to locate the leak, they worked with our insurance company to get the leak repaired. The leak was under a tile floor in the bathroom, and when they left, there was no dirt, no dust, and the bathroom floor looked better than it did when they first showed up. I had to clean the rest of my tiles to make them look better!"
     Debra Thompson, Fishers, Indiana
"I work for a pool company in Indianapolis, and last year, we had a new client who had leaks in the return lines of his pool.  We called other companies, but they put us on a waiting list of at least 4 weeks.  I called Doug, and he was out at 6:00 that night.  He really got me taken care of, and I made the client happy when I had his pool ready for opening day!  Thanks Doug!!"
     Jim Kessler



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